Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation

Preschool Requirements

Preschool (includes Nursery, Kinder and Prep)


1. An individual assessment and parent/guardian interview will be administered to determine the child’s level which will serve as bases for his/her educational program.

2. OLLCF Preschool admits children regardless of their socio-cultural background (religion, political affiliation and economic status) as proven by our socialized tuition fees and acceptance of non-catholics.

3. Requirements for admission:

  • Credential/report card from the school previously attended (if any)
  • Colored ID pictures (4 copies) for our registration files, birthday chart, Montessori file and report card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Medical and dental history of the child signed by a pediatrician or any Medical Specialist or Dentist
  • Certification from Barangay Captain and BIR for Socialized Tuition Fee purposes
  • Properly completed registration form.