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College of Computer Studies

College of Computer Studies


Our Mission

The College of Computer Studies envisions to be the leading laboratory and training center for future practitioners and specialist in the field of computer science and information technology.


Our Vision

The College of Computer Studies affirms to provide quality, excellent and broad-based training to prepare computer scientist and information technologist became competent, effective and creative using the computer system and its applications, management information, systems programming, and computer design and architecture.



The College of Computer Studies aims to:

1. Provide intensive training to be able to prepare and design programs in support in scientific, engineering and commercial applications.
2. Produced specialist who can make extensive and sophisticated assembly of computer systems in data processing, operation analysis, information management, record keeping, costumer services and external communication.
3. To design, evaluate and maintain quality computer operating systems, compilers and related software.
4. To provide exposures on the intricacies of integrated hardware and software aspect of new systems.
5. To equip students with continuing improvement in computer hardware and program techniques and to create many new areas of application and research, including real time signal processing, hospital services, computer control, manufacturing processes, computer aided instructions and design.


Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Computer Studies at Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation. The faculty and staff of Computer Studies has provided this website as a gateway to your journey of our department.

The first of its kind in Camarines Norte, the computer science program at OLLCF aims to prepare and shape today’s leaders for positions of influence in the areas of computer technology and innovation. Toward this end, a broad and well-balanced curriculum extends the frontiers of computer science. As society continues to advance and explore the vast resources at its disposal via space and other developments, the program keeps pace with these transitions and constantly works to make the necessary adjustments to ensure students are prepared to meet the volatile demands of society. It is this program’s goal to provide the very best education in the area of computer science and to afford students with the scholarship and professionalism to impact on the evolutions of today’s global society.

The program area of Computer Studies offers a course of study designed to give students a thorough grounding in both theoretical and practical areas of computer science. In that computer science continues to be a rapidly growing and changing field with a wide variety of occupational opportunities, the curriculum provides students an in-depth background in both the hardware and software aspects of Computer Science. Virtually every Computer Science course requires some practice in programming skills, so that students will, upon graduation, be prepared for either graduate school or entry into the computer applications job market. The program area of Computer Science also offers individual courses and minors to students in other disciplines.
We encourage you to visit the College of Computer Studies on the campus of Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation. Should you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to greeting you soon.