Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation

Mission, Vision and Objectives

Mission Statement

Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation, as an institution of higher learning is dedicated in the pursuit of knowledge, Truth and Wisdom through the Guidance of the Divine Providence as it seeks the total development and formation of the Filipino Youth.

Philosophy and Objectives

Toward this end, the academic programs of Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation is geared towards empowering its students with human, conceptual and technical skills so that they can best develop themselves and be instruments in bringing about a GOOD and FRUITFUL LIFE FOR ALL.

It also aims to assist its faculty and personnel to attain their potentials as human being to promote the social and economic status of all personnel and try to improve their living and working conditions, their career prospects and likewise, expect the commitment on the part of the faculty and personnel to perform their corresponding obligations, to assist the Administration in their attainment of the institution’s goal and objectives and to abide by its philosophy and objectives, rules regulations and policies which are determined by administration in accordance with the promulgated rules and regulations of the Department of Education, TESDA, CHED and Law.

If a healthy and harmonious relation between the administration and school personnel is established then we can be assured of the viability of this institution towards the realization of its objectives to make every Lourdenian graduate:

  1. A productive Filipino citizen
  2. A citizen who is committed to the quality of life of his people
  3. A fully developed professional who respects the personal dignity and worth of the people and is committed to the development of his region and nation.
Mission, Vision and Objectives February 13, 2016