Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation

History of OLLCF

History of OLLCF

Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation traces its humble beginning to the pre-war years when a young man, then a medical student of the University of the Philippines had near-death experience while schooling. He pledged to Our Lady of Lourdes that one day he would put up a hospital in his honor.

That vision remained a dream until 1960 when the young man, now a practicing surgeon put up a small medical clinic a Daet, Camarines Norte. The clinic attended to varies cases. Barely two years after its establishment, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital expanded to 25-bed capacity. In 1965, it further expanded its bed capacity to 40 and in 1977 in to a 100-bed capacity.

Dr. Abundio Palencia., the visionary, the dreamer and Founder, highly sensitive to the concerns of his people, saw the need of opening a school of midwifery which he envisioned would help produce the manpower resources urgently needed by various health agencies.

Nineteen seventy seven (1977) saw the birth of the Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation School of Midwifery with an initial enrollment of eighty (80) and a faculty force of ten (10). Through the dedicated service and unwavering loyalty to the institution of the faculty members of the school midwifery and with full administration support of the school authorities, the school of midwifery made a name for the school by producing board topnotchers through the years: 69% School Passing Average (S.P.A) in 1988; 79.7 % S.P.A, in 1990; 87% S.P.A. (62% National Passing Average (N.P.A)), in 1992; 98% S.P.A (64% N.P.A.) in 1993.

Encouraged by these heroic accomplishments and challenged by the constant clamor of the various communities the school served, for the school to expand its curricular offerings, Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation embarked on the offering of other para-medical courses in 1989, namely Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Certificate in Health-Aide.

The year nineteen eighty nine was a milestone in the life of OLLCF. The three-storey concrete school building was put up on a four- hectare lot a Vinzons Avenue 600 meters away from Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, the original school site: By 1991 the whole school transferred to the new site. Now with more than enough classrooms and campus space, administration was further challenged to open more courses to give the youth of Region 5 more opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills and empower themselves with degrees which for many years were only available to those who could afford to go the cites.

June 2005 placed OLLCF again in the Professional Regulations Commission Board Topnatchers’ List with two students placing tenth and one 5th placer in the Nursing Licensure Examination. This affirmed the institution’s reputation of being a producer of board passer and board topnotchers. In line with its physical plant development program, the institution continued to expand its land area which has reached 12 hectares in 2006. This provided for ample space where the Basic Education building was constructed and where the academic square is being developed. Nineteen ninety two marked the opening of more courses namely: B.S. Medical Technology, B.S Physical Therapy (5 years), B.S. Radiologic Technology, Associate in Radiologic Technology, B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Commerce, B.S. Secretarial Administration, Associate in Department was born with General Science and Computer Oriented Classes (I-IV).

In June 1993, the first batch of Nursing Graduates passed the National Board Exam with a school passing average of 73% (the national passing average is 63%) and in December 1993, the second batch of the national passing average was 64 %.

Today, Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation has embarked on a strong faculty development program and massive development of its other areas of operation, namely: instruction, library, laboratory, physical plant, student services and community outreach programs to continue to give its best to the development of the youth of Region 5 and nearby provinces.